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Products: Acupressure Equipments
List of Acupressure Equipments
New Power Mat 1- Super Power Mat Ii – Deluxe Power Mat Iii – General
Power Mat-2000 Power Mat Bumper Power Mat 3000
Car Seat Acupressure Motor Cycle Seat Accupressure Twister (Disc)
Acupressure Seat-Small Acupressure Seat-Big Acupressure Sandals-Ladies
Acupressure Sandals-Gents Acupressure Shoe Sole Energy Ball-Magic
Energy Ball-Pointed Wonder Roll-Pyramid Wonder Roll-Magic
Hand Grip- Deluxe Hand Grip-Finger Massager Thumb Jimmy
Energy Roll- Soft Energy Roll-Pyramid Vacuume Ball
Multiplex Massager- Pointed Multiplex Massager-Pyramidal Mini Roller –Deluxe
Mini Roller –Sujok Sujok Ring Jimmy Acupressure –Deluxe
Spine Roller-Curved Soft Spine Roller-Deluxe Soft Spine Roller- Curved Pointed
Spine Roller- Deluxe Pointed Spine Roller- Deluxe Pyramidal Spine Roller- Curved Pyramidal
Serva Roll – Curved Serva Roll – Deluxe Magic Massager-General (Red)
Magic Massager Deluxe (Yellow) Wheel Massager-Pointed Foot Roller 1-With Rubber Gutka-Wooden
Foot Roller Ii-Wooden Hard Foot Roller Ii-Wooden Soft Foot Roller Ii- Plastic
Energy Roll Handle-Wooden Energy Roll Handle-Magic Energy Roll Handle- Hard
Energy Roll Handle-Soft Energy Roll Handle- Pyramidal Pocket Exerciser
Finger Massager-Plastic Finger Massager-Wooden Jimmy Wooden
Karela Wooden Ball Wooden Jimmy Sujok-Steel
Jimmy Sujok-Super Anand Roller-Soft Jimmy Acupressure-Karela
Magnetic Foot Massager-Soft Magnetic Foot Massager-Hard Magnetic Foot Massager-Pyramidal
Magnetic Foot Massager-Magic Wheel Massager-Magnetic Super Power Magnet-Pyramidal
High Power Magnet-Pyramidal High Power Magnet – U Shape Medium Power Magnet
E.N.T. Magnet – Pair E.N.T.Magnet –Pair Low Power Magnet
Magnetic Cap 74 Acu - Magnetic Roller-Pointed Acu – Magnetic Roller- Pyramidal
Magnetic Water Glass Magnetic Bra Magnetic Car Seat
66b Eye Belt-Pyramidal Heel Belt Shoulder Belt
Asthma Belt Ear Magnet-Big Ear Magnet-Small
B.P. Belt- Rexine B.P.Beilt –Velvet Magnetic Necklace-General
Calf Belt Magnetic Seat Magnetic Water Stand
Magnetic Payal-Baby Magnetic Payal-Lady Back & Belly Belt-12 Magnet Pyra Point Cloth
Back & Belly Belt-12 Magnet Pyra Point Velvet Back & Belly Belt-12 Magnet Pyra Point Raxine Back & Belly Belt-Magnet Raxine
Back & Belly Belt- 9 Magnet Cloth Back & Belly Belt-9 Magnet Velvet & Acu-Point Mini Magnets
Diabetes Belt Wonder Belt-Plastic Wonder Belt-Cloth
Cervical Belt-Velvet Cervical Belt-Jeans Star Magnets With Steel Point
Star Magnets Beyol Magnets Head Belt-Power Full
Magnetic Spectacles Knee Belt- Raxine Knee Belt-Cloth
Knee Belt- Velvet Head Belt-Plastic Head Belt-Velvet
Multiplex Massager- Magnetic Magnetic Energy Roll Magnetic Pillow
B.P. Watch-Health Watch Magnetic Necklace- Deluxe Magnetic Necklace- Copper
Acu Magnetic Bed Sheet (Japan Life) Acu- Magnetic Bed Sheet-Delux Wrist Belt-Velvet
Thyroid Belt